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Michael the Archangel Necklace Click image to enlarge  
Michael the Archangel

Necklace $69.95



Michael the Archangel
This Vintage Piece is a tiny charm from France that holds a very strong and powerful message of protection that is needed right now. The Aqua colored beads with Vintage Corrugated Brass beads add to the glow of the Angel of Protection. Wear this and feel your prayers working.
Note: we have 4 left of this design however each one is beaded differently.
Michael the Archangel on a String.
Length: 18 inches.

Time to Party Elephant Necklace
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Time to Party Elephant

Necklace $95.00



Time to Party Elephant
She is all dressed up for the Parade. Strung with tons of bling and Silver Bells.
Time to Party Elephant on a String.
Length: 18 inches

Advancement of Joy Necklace
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Advancement of Joy

Necklace $125.00



The Advancement of Joy
Wearing Fetish Necklaces makes life fun. These Beautifully carved animals bring a connection to joy into your life. The string is made with Bamboo Coral to arouse you into action. Black wood beads to bring in your grounded connection to the deeper part of nature, and the white shells to add to skeletal support in the body. Turquoise beads bring you to a place of spontaneity. The Agate horse is for power. The Lapis Fox with feather brings your witty side out so you can see and experience by being clever. The Turquoise Buffalo brings abundance. The Jewel Stone squirrel brings the ability to store your abundance. Hummingbird is the recognition of joy in your life.
Joy Advancement on a String.
Length: 18 inches.

Potent Potential Necklace Click image to enlarge  
Potent Potential

Necklace $225.00



Potent Potential
Gets a call to action if you have the guts to wear this amazing necklace.
This pendant is a carving of the Hindu God of Wisdom called Ganesh. His job is to get us to understand the wisdom behind the events in our life. Once that occurs he unblocks the blocks and areas of resistance so that we can evolve. The necklace has a variety of brass beads carved and embossed in designs that resonate beauty and wisdom.
Potent Potential on a String.
Length: 22 inches.

Creative Power Necklace Click image to enlarge  
Creative Power

Necklace $95.00



Creative Power
Silver Etched Triangle surrounded by a wonderful variety of Silver beads.
Creative Power on a String.
Length: 16 inches.

Golden Buddha Man Necklace Click image to enlarge  
Golden Buddha Man

Necklace $175.00



Golden Buddha Man
Buddha sits of a leaf made from Rutilated Quartz that Illuminates the soul, cleanses and energizes, removes barriers to spiritual growth, filters negative energy. The string also includes a variety of Brass beads and includes the Rutilated Quartz.
Golden Buddha on a string.
Length 18 inches

Ganesh Dancing Necklace Click image to enlarge  
Ganesh Dancing

Necklace $120.00



Ganesh Dancing!
This is a wonderful Ganesh dancing the dance of life. He is here to assist us in breaking obstacles that stand in our way. He is surrounded by Amber, Cornflower Turquoise and Chrysoprase. Wear this necklace and celebrate a breakthrough in your life!
Ganesh Dancing on a String.
Length: 18 inches

Tiny Silver Spirals Necklace Click image to enlarge  
Tiny Silver Spirals

Necklace $49.95



Tiny Silver Spirals
These delicate spirals grace the silver chain as a reminder of the power that happens when we open to the reality going inward does in self-development.
Tiny Silver Spirals on a String.
Length: 20 inches.

Mother Nature creates these wonderful stones and crystals; each piece may vary slightly in size and color.


Spirituality on a String

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