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Over two thirds of the population pray with beads; symbolizing an interconnectedness with all those who pray, this association appears in all cultures and represents a far reaching Universal, spiritual and cultural spectrum. The ancient Egyptians used beads as a symbol for evoking good fortune. Native American beadwork honors the spiritual ancestors, Africans use beads for their rituals dedicated to communication with their Gods, and Islamic bead practices help Muslims connect to Allah. Hindus use beads for counting their breath as it relates to their mantras, Buddhists’ sacred beads, called malas, are used to gain enlightenment, and even in Judaism the prayer shawl, known as a tallit, features a series of knots similar to prayer beads. Perhaps the most recognizable use of a string of beads is the Catholic rosary, which guides prayer and keep the story of Jesus alive.



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In these pieces designed and created by renowned spiritualist Beatrex Quntana, each string of beads is projected to connect with a sole focus and direction and becomes a prayer within itself representing what the shamans call intent. Everything exists in the cosmos due to the invisible force called intention. Understanding the spiritual connectedness of beads around the world provides us with remarkable insights into the present-day significance of a string of beads and the benefit they bring to our daily lives.

House Jewelry: We wear personal jewelry to display our sense of style and self, to beautify our appearance and to empower us. Why not bring those same benefits to any room in your home? Spirituality on a String creations are not mere decorative baubles- they are jewelry with a job. Having trouble focusing in your office? Want to bring an air of welcome to your foyer or sensuality to your boudoir? Take at look at the pieces on our House Jewelry page and see if something speaks to you, but remember- just as with our personal jewelry, Beatrex can develop and create an original design to not only beautify your home but imbue it with whatever energy you feel it may be in need! Please contact us for more information and to discuss your ideas.



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Most recently there has been a frenzy in the jewelry industry to wear gemstone beads. The reason for this is quite simple: We are evolving to a place in time when our bodies and our environments are requiring more light in order to expand beyond the carbon structure the body presently holds to a more refined form called the crystalline structure. Gemstone beads capture the light in a circular motion that assists the body in making this transformation. When we expand and include this light on our bodies, or in our homes, our expression of love and light expands and our lives becomes more joyful bringing us to a new place in our personal evolution.

Each necklace, bracelet, and House Jewelry piece created by Beatrex has a specific purpose and intention generated from the gemstone’s matrix of support to enhance the body or your home.

Enjoy wearing these beads on your body or hanging them in your home and be inspired by the light of awareness, joy, beauty, and most of all, love.

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